The Uniform Solution

The Uniform Solution is a purpose-built software system tailored for retailers and distributors specializing in uniform sales. Faced with the need for a faster-loading site, a modern design, a customer training solution, and an improved onboarding process for showcasing partners, we embarked on a comprehensive site re-build. Our efforts focused on optimizing site speed and enhancing user experience, incorporating a sleek and contemporary design to elevate the overall aesthetics.
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Liberated Development

A leadership consulting & coaching agency, Liberated Development, collaborates with companies and individuals to craft personalized strategies and culture-informed solutions for their business. During a successful initial year in high demand, the limitations of their DIY "website builder" site became evident: constrained mobile experience, limited page designs and modules, and minimal consideration for user experience (UX). It was time for an upgrade! Our goal was to transcend the restrictions of the previous site, providing a seamless mobile experience, expanding page design options and modules, and prioritizing a user-centric approach to enhance overall UX.
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Joey & Ember Children's Book

Renowned sculptor, illustrator, and now author, Martha Walker, sought a platform to showcase her latest literary venture and its custom illustrations to publishers in a professional and easily accessible format. This marketing website serves as a comprehensive hub, providing insight into the inspiration behind the story, details about the author and illustrator, and displays the illustrations as they came to life during the process of writing the book.
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Amigos of Costa Rica

Amigos of Costa Rica is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering philanthropic engagement in Costa Rica. At the core of their mission is the vetting of nonprofits in Costa Rica, facilitating meaningful connections between donors and projects in need of financial support. Through their dedicated efforts, Amigos of Costa Rica plays a pivotal role in channeling resources towards impactful initiatives, contributing to the betterment of communities and the promotion of positive change in the region.
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eGardenGo, the premier destination for garden inspiration in the Pacific Northwest, features a vast collection of plant "ingredients" and curated garden "recipes." We engaged in a comprehensive redesign project, implementing a custom search and dynamic filtering feature for over 3,000 plants and 500 recipes, including a secure login area for users to save their favorite recipes.
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HallKeen Management

HallKeen Management, a prominent Boston-based real estate company managing a diverse portfolio of over 100 properties nationwide, joined forces with our team for a transformative online journey. Through strategic collaboration and innovative solutions, we successfully executed a comprehensive site redesign and build. Our team implemented custom apartment-search functionality, developed a searchable index for current residents, and established a secure-access portal tailored to serve their workforce of over 1000 employees. The result is a versatile website that caters to the needs of prospective tenants, current residents, and a geographically dispersed workforce.
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VanDriesche Scientific Editing

A specialized scientific editing firm ensuring articles and manuscripts adhere to industry guidelines pre-publication, VanDriesche Scientific Editing caters to a global audience of fellow scientists. The challenge was to create a user-friendly one-page website tailored their specific user base.
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Camps Newfound Owatonna

A camp in New England USA that draws participants from around the world, Camps Newfound Owatonna (CNO) specializes in offering overnight programs tailored for youth, adults, and families. Our team spearheaded the redesign and build of their website, implementing distinct and custom online applications tailored for their diverse programs and audiences. Designed respectively for individual campers, prospective staff members, and family/group participants, each application facilitates seamless room selection, real-time availability tracking, enhanced security, and mobile-friendly accessibility.
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Peaceful Parent Happy Kids Online Course

The Peaceful Parent Happy Kids Online Course has become a transformative haven for over 10,000 parent-students worldwide. Our team spearheaded a comprehensive restructuring of the course environment, shaping a custom online platform that caters to diverse learning needs, incorporates multiple classrooms, and seamlessly delivers OnDemand as well as Scheduled Release content in written, audio, and video formats.
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Jump Immersion Online Classroom Portal

Our team helped a language immersion school convert to hosting full-time classes completely online with a custom, flexible, virtual classroom setup. Users can easily access the daily schedule, assignments, playable videos, instructor communications, and launch live video meetings. School administrators easily manage and update all Classroom Portal content.
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