Our Promises to You...

We promise to provide a dedicated project leader (and a backup when necessary). You will only directly communicate with 1-2 people from our team.

We promise to maintain a project management system that makes sense for the scope of our work together.

We promise to always be a team that works enthusiastically together and is committed to continuous learning.

We promise that when we don’t know the answer to a question, we will say “I need to get back to you on that” and then actually get back to you with what you need.

How to Be a Great Client!

Be honest. Share your ambitions and frustrations with us. Hold nothing back.

See value. Trust that we are experts sharing our expertise and significant experience with you.

Step back. Don’t forget to put yourself in the shoes of your clients and customers.

Don’t rush. Things that may seem simple can often be difficult to build. Our Approach: measure twice, cut once!

Champion change. Help your organization understand why you have partnered with Enginate—let’s make sure all stakeholders are on board.

Enjoy weekends. Marketing emergencies are very rare. We’ve really only seen TWO. We won’t be in touch on the weekends / evenings (except maybe for you, Australian clients!). We value allowing our team opportunity to recharge so we can be fully present when working.

Our promises to you and what we expect. Our promises to you and what we expect. Our promises to you and what we expect.

What We Promise

A Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated point person assigned to your project.


Step 2. Prototype

Creating predictability and identifying online growth opportunities for my business sounds enticing.

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Step 3. Design

I want a Partner to care for my online brand and proactively handle technical support, so I can focus on the work of my business.