Headshot of Devon looking directly into the camera wearing a grey shirt

Devon Reehl

Chief marketing & Strategy Officer

Devon is, first and foremost, a people person with a true entrepreneurial spirit. He brings a wealth of knowledge in communications and innovation to the team. As a touring drummer for almost ten years, Devon freelanced as a website developer and graphic designer, flexing his technical skills across the country. Once his career shifted to focus fulltime on web development, the demand for his design and development expertise grew quickly.

When Devon decided to partner with his wife Aisha to form Enginate, they knew his entrepreneurial ambition along with her poised stability would take the couple far in the online creative space. The timing came at a perfect crossroads for them both.

Devon’s love for human connection has curated remarkable adaptability, marketing skills, and business acumen. He utilizes his degree in communications to foster collaborative partnerships with clients and to revolutionize his strategic planning, coaching, and guidance. His keen ability to navigate relationships and integrate clients into his strategic process is remarkable.

With their agency now amassing more than a decade of experience, Enginate is a team of passionate professionals with cutting-edge expertise who design exceptional client-focused experiences.

As Co-Owner, Chief of Marketing, and Strategy Officer, Devon develops provides leadership across Web Development, Business Strategy Coaching, Blueprint Development, Customer Journey Mapping, and Customer Growth. His pursuits are unrivaled by his tenacity and ability to bring people together to make Enginate a key player in the online creative space. His vision makes Enginate the perfect partner in web design.

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