Aisha Reehl

Chief Operations & Management Officer

Aisha is driven by her high standards for organization and client support. Her advocacy for diversity & inclusion, human rights, and social justice is an accumulation of over 20 years of cultivating exceptional workplace culture and managing complex projects in the higher education and nonprofit industries.

When she decided to leave higher education and nonprofit, Aisha could never have guessed she would be applying her master’s degree and people management skills to the ever-evolving online creative space with her husband, Devon. When the pair decided to start an agency, they knew the combination of their skill sets⁠—her management and his vision⁠—would be monumental.

Now, after more than 10 years, Enginate is a team of passionate professionals dedicated to providing premium service in development, content architecture, and project management that aids their clients in navigating their online presence.

Aisha is a triumphant self-taught coder and developer who enjoys optimizing front-end web design to improve her client's online presence. Her experience in front-end and back-end development has driven special projects in building online classrooms for educational institutions and consultant clients. As the self-proclaimed “air traffic controller”, Aisha is the stable, productivity machine that allows Devon to spread his wings through his innovative vision for the agency.

As Co-Owner, Chief of Operations, and Management Officer, she provides leadership across Web Development, UX Design, User Experience, Operations, and Account Management. She is also an expert in Data Migration and a skilled people manager. Her endeavors are unmatched by her perseverance, drive, and ability to ______ to make Enginate a key player in the online creative space.

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