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We have over 10 years of experience in design, development and online marketing, and we plan on being around for a lot longer. To ensure this, we've structured our business to serve our clients faster and more reliably.

No big downtown office, no huge in-house team, no crazy overhead that requires us to complete 30 projects a month to keep the lights on. Instead, we spent years developing reliable relationships with experts from all over globe who can help us take projects to the next level. This allows us to provide cutting-edge expertise by drawing from a bigger talent pool.

This approach allows us to stay focused on getting results for a select group of clients who's businesses we can fall in love with and rally behind.

Our Leadership

Devon Reehl

Marketing & Development Lead

In 2003 Devon started out as a freelance graphic designer while living in Ithaca NY. While his fellow Corporate Communications graduates took jobs at firms like Forrester Research and Accenture, Devon decided to make a career as a touring musician. A drummer since the age of four, he and two other musicians somehow transformed a college party band into a nationally touring, full time operation playing 150 shows a year.

The design and development business grew quickly once Devon moved to NYC and focused full time on growing online businesses. One of the first partners to join up with Adobe Business Catalyst, Devon has become an expert on the platform, serving clients all over the world. He’s currently a paid contributor on BCgurus.com (the leading education community for BC), and is a member of an exclusive advisory board of partners who work directly with the Adobe product team.

But Devon’s real passion is helping business owners understand and grow the online marketing efforts, with a focus on PROVING a return on their investment.

Outside of work Devon is a drummer, outdoor education guide, avid soccer player and father of twins.

Aisha Reehl

Project & Operations Director

Aisha brings a wealth of management and operations experience to our team, having managed large teams in both the non-profit sector and in higher education administration for over 10 years. She takes the lead on helping clients map site architecture, organize copy, and plan their content to maximize the visitor experience.

Aisha's level of organization, clear communication and project management keeps projects on track and ensures a professional experience for our clients from start to finish.

Outside of work Aisha is a passionate yoga instructor, illustrator, international volunteer, and mother of twins.

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Email: info@devonreehl.com

Phone: 607.323.1833

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